Death Star Fire Pit

Death Star Fire Pit

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A short time ago in a garden not that far away…..

Death Star Fire Pit

A Star Wars fan has come home to their garden on a cool summer’s eve and realised that it’s much colder than they thought.

Little did they know that if they’d looked on Just Fire Pits they would have found that a company called West Coast Firepits had secretly begun to construct a Death Star fire pit that was even warmer than the first.

When bought this ultimate heat source will spell doom for chilly nights and restore warm evenings and fun to every household!

I bet the Ewoks and Rebel alliance would have loved to have sat around a Death Star fire pit on the forest moon of Endor and who would blame them.

If you love everything Star Wars then what could be better than having your very own Death Star in your garden even if it is just a fire pit.

This scaled-down replica of the Death Star from the film Return of the Jedi comes in either a gas or wood-burning fuel version.

Each fire pit is built by hand and precision cut using advanced manufacturing techniques.

There are three finishes available including raw steel, black ceramic, or silver ceramic so you can style your fire pit to match your requirements and two sizes, 30 inches or 37 inches.

This beautiful fire pit design is truly stunning and would make an amazing centrepiece for your garden.

Finally, for peace of mind, the Death Star fire pit comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Fire Pit Features

  • 30″ or 37″ spherical firepit replica of a Death Star
  • 1/4″ Thick Carbon Steel
  • Precision cut steel, using advanced manufacturing techniques
  • No sharp edges
  • Optional Ceramic coating available
  • Includes complete sandblasting and degassing of the parent material
  • Coating good for up to 2000 degrees
  • Wood-burning and Gas Insert options available
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