Aldi Fire Pit is Back for Summer 2021

Aldi Fire Pit

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Aldi Fire Pit is back for summer 2021 but like other years they are likely to sell out within hours of going on sale!.

In 2020 when the Aldi fire pit came on the market it literally sold out online within hours. Now we aren’t surprised by how popular Aldi garden products are but the main problem is that if you don’t get in quickly, they’re gone before you know it.

Aldi is great at stocking a variety of different garden products but many of them are seasonal. This means that you’ll find a selection of fire pits at Aldi just before summer but then they will simply disappear until next year and if you’re not quick enough you’ll miss out.

The new Aldi fire pit is due to go on sale around the 13th June 2021 so make sure you get online and check it out and if you manage to get online at the right time you may well bag yourself one.

If you simply can’t wait or are likely to miss out on the latest Aldi fire pit then take a look at some of our cheap yet fantastic Aldi Fire Pit alternatives.

Latest Aldi Fire Pit

The latest range of fire pits from Aldi included the Aldi Geometric Faux Stone Fire Pit that was available in 2020 and the Gardenline Square Fire Basket.

If you are looking for a cheap fire pit then the ones from Aldi would be first on the list but there were two main problems with them. Firstly these stylish-looking Aldi fire pits sold out very, very quickly. Secondly, some customers gave very mixed reviews of the Aldi Geometric Faux Stone Fire Pit which is rather disappointing.

Aldi Geometric Faux Stone Fire Pit

The Aldi Geometric Faux Stone Fire Pit is a stone-effect fire pit that has a geometric design. Although it offers a cooking grill for BBQs some of the reviews from customers stated that after a number of uses the stone would begin to crumble which is a little disappointing. However, retailing at £49.99 you really can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a cheap fire pit.

Gardenline Square Fire Basket

The Gardenline Square Fire Basket is a completely different design and would look great in any garden. Retailing at £24.99, the price is unbelievably low and even if it only lasted for one summer, we think it’s got to be one of the cheapest fire pits on the market.

Aldi Fire Pit Alternatives

Generally, in life, you do get what you pay for and the majority of fire pits available online do tend to be more expensive than the Aldi fire pits. There are however a couple of distinct advantages.

Firstly, you’ll find that stock levels are generally better with you being able to buy them online most of the year-round, unlike Aldi fire pits which sell out within hours of being available online.

Secondly, they very rarely completely sell out, and even if they do, you’ll only have to wait a short period of time before you can order one. Unlike Aldi fire pits which once they have sold out they are sold out for some time.

Below we’ve listed a couple of our favorite cheap Aldi fire pit alternatives for you to choose from.

LIVIVO Sunburst Design Fire Pit

Priced at £59.95 the LIVIVO Sunburst Design Fire Pit a cheap wood burning fire pit that will look great in any backyard or garden. It has a beautiful rustic copper effect finish, a weatherproof and rust-resistant steel inner mesh, wide heat output, and light viewing angle.

Although this fire pit is cheap, it still rates well with customers who give it on average 4.5 stars out of 5.

La Hacienda Fora Steel Fire Basket

This unique Fire Pit Set will add a touch of style to your garden. Priced at just £56.99 this lovely fire basket from La Hacienda will keep your evenings going allowing you to enjoy being outdoors for longer.

Femor Fire Bowl

The Femor Fire Bowl is cheap at just £49.89. This outdoor fire bowl has a unique and stylish design to create a relaxed atmosphere for your garden, balcony, or terrace! In winter you can watch the beautiful night scene with family and friends and enjoy the warmth that the blazing flame brings.

Leisure Zone Hexagonal Fire Pit

The Leisure Zone Hexagonal Fire Pit is not a cheap fire pit but it is very stylish. It’s a cosy fire pit that make the perfect addition to any patio or garden. This durable outdoor fire pit features unique and stylish cutouts that create an incredible fire ambience at night.

Made from strong, durable steel, the fire pit is long-lasting and easy to clean and costs just £109.99.

GardenCo MgO Round Fire Pit

The MgO fire bowl is a brilliant and stylish fire pit that makes the perfect addition to your outdoor space. It provides you with great heating options whilst having a stylish white wash, speckled stone effect design.

It’s the most expensive alternative to the cheap Aldi fire pits costing just £119.99.

Whether you’re planning to buy your fire pit now or in the near future you really need to think about whether buying one from Aldi is the right choice. When you buy an Aldi fire pit, timing is key. If you have time to wait and are able to dedicate your time to going to the store or shopping online at the right time then you may well pick up a good fire pit at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, as Aldi fire pits are cheap, many people want to buy them. However, as stock is limited, those actually being able to get their hands on one are few and far between.

We hope you’ve found our article useful and if you want to look at any other fire pits on offer, please take a look at our shop.